You have a business and are growing, but you sense that there is more you need to be doing. What factors are involved that can create greater success for you and for your business? What motivates your customers to come and stay? Several factors can help you to both increase your productivity and success, while boosting your company from a fledgling to a flier.

Your Outside Reputation

It doesn’t matter how hard you’re working on the inside of your business’s walls. Your reputation outside of them will make or break your capability to grow. Sometimes a business may believe that they must always be right and unapologetic in order to be perceived as “strong” company. This mistaken practice forgets that being able to apologize for mistakes and repair them not only builds a better company, but a better reputation with the public. Likewise, word-of-mouth is your best tool for growth. Protect your reputation by choosing to do those practices which make you an honorable business, which include repairing mistakes and healing relationships.

The Employees You Hire

You are only as good as the people you have working with you. Many companies attempt to hire as cheaply and with as few benefits as possible, in order to maximize their own profits. However, this strategy is the inverse of good practice. Offering competitive benefits and pay can attract the best employees. Having excellent employees who are happy working with you genuinely shapes your business for the better. They will be more likely to stay, and their loyalty will improve dramatically as they feel secure and healthy in their own positions. This leads directly to your company having greater productivity, less turn-over, and employees who work from a sense of loyalty and desire to stay with your company. This leads to happier customers and increased sales and productivity. Do not skimp on the things which make your employee’s lives worthwhile.

Be Able to Pivot

One of the greatest ways to build success is to figure out where your market is and strategize towards that market. But, if your market shifts and changes during a pandemic, do not despair! You do not need to be so committed to one idea or strategy that you cannot implement others. Especially during interesting times, using humor and finding ways to pivot are critical. Requesting reviews, swapping out social media strategies until one hits properly with your audience, and especially being willing to try new things are all critical during complex times.

Your business might be your baby, but it is formed of your reputation, your employees, and your ability to evolve in the marketplace. You must protect all three of these portions in order to find greater success and develop a stronger presence in the marketplace. Only one or two without the others will leave you a bit wobbly, like a two-legged stool. However, finding the balance of all three will make it possible for you to have a stronger foundation in which to build your financial and marketing empire.

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