Sales teams need to be full of ambition from people who are stoked to make a good impression on their customers. Unfortunately, many sales teams find themselves succumbing to serious pitfalls that hurt their chances of making a deal. You need to make sure that your sales team steers clear of these mistakes.

Making Unrealistic Promises

Being a salesperson doesn’t mean that you should stretch the truth or lie in any way. The worst thing your sales team can do is make unrealistic promises. Guarantees are a particularly dangerous thing. If a customer is guaranteed that a product will cut their cholesterol in half, and it only does so by 35 percent, then they’re likely to be upset. Your sales team can speak to positive experiences shared by other customers, but they should never declare something to be a universal truth when it isn’t. Spend some time training your employees on what is and is not appropriate to say during meetings.

Not Using Available Materials

An aggressive marketing campaign might seem like a great idea for a sales team, but it can often add up to a bunch of wasted expenditure. Up to 80% of marketing materials are unused by sales teams, which means they have to spend a lot of time and effort remaking stuff that’s already there. To make things easier and to provide better customer experience, your sales team should be most concerned with creating a great pitch. If they need to use additional materials, the amount should be kept reasonable, based on the importance of the pitch. If you have older materials, consider repurposing them in original ways.

Not Studying the Product

Though your sales team wasn’t behind the design or engineering of your product, they still need to thoroughly know what it is. They can’t just have a casual understanding of it. They need to know about the specs, the history, and any solutions to issues that might occur. Before your team pitches to a single person, they need to perfect their pitch. Helping your sales force to understand the right clients for different products can make your team look even better to the customer base. This promotes an approach of sales based on unique needs instead of simply trying to sell any item to any customer.

Any sales team is going to make mistakes once in a while. When you recognize errors like this, take some time to review ground rules or do some training programs to prevent repeat offenses.