The transportation industry has quickly become one of the most popular career paths for people. Not only is it a great alternative to being stuck in a cubicle, but positions are plentiful in all areas of transportation, and wages hang steady for the most part. However, these perks are often showcased to bring in the best possible candidates. Do you think you have what it takes to make it? Here are the top three skills you should possess to be successful in the transportation industry. 

Time Management

One could say that time management is the backbone of the transportation industry. Various innovations in technology that provide us with instant gratification have led many of us to expect nothing but on-time, speedy delivery. So what are some ways you can improve your time management? An effective manager of a transportation company should understand the importance of well-controlled inventory flow. This will allow you to be more efficient at both what you can pack into your vehicles and making the most of your routes. Various tracking technologies can also be utilized to make on-the-fly educated decisions in order to conserve valuable time. 


Decision-making skills are one of the most important aspects of the transportation industry. Making the right educated choice when it matters can greatly improve your route. Time is money, after all. However, according to L3Harris, studies have shown that poor decision-making is responsible for 80 percent of collision accidents. Investors, managers and customers will no doubt take notice, thus decreasing sales and your reputation. More often than not, transportation vehicles will take up the majority of a road, which makes you responsible for assessing your surroundings much closer than other vehicles have to. 

Communication Skills

 More often than not, people assume that working in the transportation industry only involves driving. However, there are several instances when your communication skills will be tested, according to Atlassian. On the road, you are often by yourself and will have to come to an agreement with warehouse managers and workers alone. Being able to identify and communicate any issues with your company or business partners is paramount to the effectiveness of your work. One of the best ways to become better at this is by simply asking for feedback from your co-workers or supervisors.

The transportation industry is only going to become bigger as the years go by. Therefore, if you’re contemplating jumping in, then these recommended skills should be on the top of your list to master before taking the plunge.