If you or your business is planning on constructing a storage facility, or if you are thinking of investing in a storage facility, there’s some important information to know beforehand. The self-storage industry is extremely important as it provides a valuable way for millions of customers to store important items that they currently do not have room for. While the self-storage industry is very important, it is also very competitive. In order to stand out against the competition, there are three things that every storage facility must have in order to succeed. These features must be included in any plan when developing a new self-storage facility.

Video Monitors

When a potential customer is looking for a new self-storage property, one of the most important things they will want is security. One of the reasons why people may be concerned about leaving their personal belongings in a self-storage property is because they are concerned about their personal safety and the risk of theft or vandalism. A-TEC recommends to give all investors and potential clients the security and peace of mind that they are looking for, having multiple video monitors placed strategically inside and outside of the property will be a great investment.

Anytime Access

A self-storage facility also needs to provide access to their customers 24 hours per day. All Storage Online explains that when people are using a storage facility, whether personal or commercial, they want to know that they can access them at any time. To provide the convenience that your customers are looking for, you should make sure that all customers are able to gain access to their unit whenever they want. You should also have the supplies and materials accessible onsite to help them move their items into their storage unit, no matter the time or day.

Climate Control

Self-storage facilities in the past frequently provided storage pods in an outdoor environment. While this could have given a secure place to store your personal property, variable weather conditions would damage certain items over time. Today, all developers of self-storage properties should upgrade the plans to make sure they are fully climate controlled. Redfin explains that when you have a climate controlled self-storage property, it will attract a larger base of clients and will allow you to charge higher rental rates. This could help to make your property development a better investment.

Ultimately, all self-storage owners and developers need to carefully consider the competition and figure out ways to provide a better service to their customers. Those that are able to provide safe, secure, and friendly service will develop a good reputation in their marketplace and will continue to see strong demand from local consumers.

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