3 Types of Gentlemanly Fashion For Men In Public Office
3 Types of Gentlemanly Fashion For Men In Public Office

There was a time not long ago when, at least for men, fashion and politics were on opposite ends of the spectrum. A public official’s choice in clothing had little bearing on his reputation. For better or worse, those days are part of a distant past. In 2017, male public officials are among the leading icons of men’s fashion. These are three common styles for gentleman in public office — and the impact of each style on men’s fashion in the world.

  1. The Blue Collar Worker

    Years ago, it would have been extraordinary to see a high ranking public official dressed like a member of the working class. Recent elections have proven that when public officials dress like their supporters, they often retain support for a longer duration. As such, many officials are seen wearing denim button-downs, blue jeans, casual pull-overs and sweaters. The impact of these casually dressed officials can be felt throughout the country. Many are viewing casual dress in politics as a message that dress codes of all varieties should be abolished. Men are beginning to show up to some workplaces in whatever clothes they want.

  2. The Humble Gentleman

    Despite changing times, some men in public office refuse to dress below a certain standard. These public officials, however, are not in control of that standard. Citizens are thought to have difficulty identifying with immaculately dressed public officials. As a result, many officials are beginning to add an intentional flaw to their outfits. Be it a a poorly fit suit or an unkempt haircut, many officials are finding greater levels of support after purposely misfiring on some part of their outfit. The average workplace is following suit in a strange way. Many offices requiring “business casual” dress are easing up on their policies. Men are largely allowed to sport facial hair and wear casual shoes.

  3. The “Politician”

    As much as the times are changing, the quintessential politician still looks the same. A sleek black suit, red or blue tie, and an American flag pin are the core elements of this style. Though they are diminishing quickly, some political situations still require the highest level of formality. The average workplace is following suit exactly. Situations that require “business professional” dress are becoming less common by the day.