One main reason to have an online component of your business is to increase customers and sales. Not only can you increase online sales directly, but your site can also raise awareness of your products and create loyal customers. This can, in turn, lead to more sales overall. By taking the time to follow these tips for increasing online sales, you can have a more productive online site.

Reach Social Media Users with Lookalike Audience

UpWork explains that Facebook’s Lookalike Audience allows you to easily reach people on Facebook who share similar demographics and interests with your existing customers. With this tool, Facebook will use data points taken from your selected existing audience and find people that have shared characteristics. This approach allows you to have more control than by targeting an audience.

Retrofit Your Point of Sale

MerchantOne points out that any POS system worth its salt should be able to track customer behavior on your site and provide you with good analytics data on customer preferences. If your current POS system does not help drive sales, then it is time to consider one that does. You should look for a system that generates detailed sales reports, stores purchase data, and interacts with customers through marketing. An especially useful feature is in-store tracking of customers with smartphones. In a system like this, the customer will receive notifications through a store-based app on their phones while they are in the store.

Use Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are an easy way to increase click-through-rates for your online text ads. They can be automated, manual or a combination of both types. CallRail suggests that these extensions can add call buttons, links to sections of your website, additional text, locality information and more. Many search engines will use certain ones of your extensions, based on customer behavior and the position of your ad in a search.

Consider a Conversion Funnel Audit

How well are your conversion funnels working? You may not have a clear idea of the actual results of your conversion methods. You can figure this out by providing a conversion funnel audit to track visitor behavior and find the weak spots in your conversion process. With this information, you can learn how to best utilize methods to bring in more traffic, more sales conversions, and more profit.

Knowledge is power, so they say, and knowing and understanding your customer and sales data is paramount to having customer conversions that directly translate to sales. Tracking the data efficiently allows for better analysis, and implementing these easy steps will help you to increase customer retention and conversions.