It is long been the goal of Christians to help others in need and to spread the word of Jesus Christ. However, there are many steps that you will need to take to ensure that your message resonates with the community. It will also take a quality public relations and marketing effort to get the money needed to meet the goals set by your ministry.

Define Your Target Audience

The first thing that you need to do is consider who you will be reaching out to within the community. As a general rule, it is easier to collect money and get larger numbers of people into the pews by preaching a message of tolerance and acceptance. However, if you believe in a strict interpretation of the Bible, it may be in your best interest to cater to a niche audience instead.

A Strong Elevator Pitch for Donors

You can refine your pitch by starting with a sample fundraising letter and testing variations of the pitch, observing which version results in the most donations. Ideally, any request for funds will include an explanation of how the money is being used and how it can benefit the donor. For instance, you may decide to put the names of donors on a plaque outside of the school that will be built with the money.

Be Active in the Community

It is important to give back to the community whenever possible in an effort to highlight the benefits the church can provide. Outreach efforts can include sponsoring a youth sports team, volunteering at a soup kitchen, creating an after-school program for kids, or pitching in to help repair a historic building.

A Hassle-Free Website

The internet is a great way to attract attention to your ministry and help people learn more about it. Ideally, your site will load quickly, use modern encryption technology and provide both text and videos to keep your audience engaged. Your site can include highlights from a recent sermon, quotes from the Bible, announcements for upcoming church events, or any other information that an individual would want to know before joining a congregation. 

Building a ministry is a lot like building a successful company. Therefore, you will need to learn and understand modern marketing techniques that can help to grow the ministry and keep it properly funded. Private web design and fundraising services may be able to help your church reach its goals.