As women continue to break down gender stereotypes, more females are emerging as leaders in fields that were once dominated by men. Here are four industries that women are forging new paths through and beginning to dominate.

Education Administration

It is no surprise that women dominate the field of education. The industry has historically been a field pioneered by women, with women still making up the majority of teachers. Where women are really starting to show their influence is in education administration. Women are no longer content to stop their career paths at teaching and are now pursuing more administrative roles in the field. With clearly defined career paths, women are able to leverage their experience in the classroom to rise up to powerful roles in education administration. That being said, there is still a noticeable wage gap between men and women in the same positions in the field of school administration, which will hopefully be improved on in the future.

Fitness and Wellness

With the wellness industry growing at a rapid pace, it should come as no surprise that women are starting to dominate in the health and fitness arena. As more women become interested in the physical capabilities of the human body, they are looking to put their health and fitness knowledge to use. Careers in nutrition, physical training, and wellness coaching all present an exciting opportunity for women to stay in shape, make good money, and inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Moving Companies

In the past, women wanting to work in the moving industry had been relegated to front office and administrative jobs. Lately, more and more women have been breaking into the industry as actual movers. The high-paying jobs and the chance to be active and stay in shape are attracting women to the field that has been traditionally dominated by men. Women are also able to use their heads to perfect a variety of moving techniques, making the physical limitations less relevant. Not only that, but many moving companies are now run by women and are changing the way people think of moving companies.

Information Technology

A heavy emphasis on schools exposing girls to STEM education at an early age has led to the explosion of women in the IT industry. As more and more young girls become engaged in the fields of science and computing during their formative years, more women are choosing to pursue college educations in the IT sector. What was once a field dominated by males is now seeing a shift toward more participation by women.

Leadership is Essential

Be sure to keep in mind that if you seek to be a leader in a field not like the ones described above, that proactive leadership skills are essential. You need to be willing to try new ways of doing things for the sake of improvement. This may include re-doing the training process, looking at the technology used in a workplace, or seeking to improve the production process. Perhaps getting different information regarding funding for your company. Quest Education says it’s “you’re money, your quest and your success.” For example, in a manufacturing role, it would be important to look into the different type of methodologies used (think six sigma for example). That way, you up the chances of getting a leadership role or a managerial role.

Women of today are proving how they can achieve anything that their male counterparts can. Regardless of the industry, females are effectively demonstrating how they can handle any job placed in front of them.

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