Success in business heavily depends on who you have on your team. You need to have the right employees with the necessary skills and training, in addition to natural talent in their respective fields. There are always certain professionals that end up being indispensable in all types of businesses. Here are six types you need to get your company up and going.

Business Lawyer


Attorneys are expensive to hire, but they can potentially save your whole business. Even seasoned entrepreneurs won’t know all the legal aspects of their business, and this can easily land them in lawsuits. With a business lawyer on your side, all your business agreements and contracts will be made to your advantage. In the event of a lawsuit, your lawyer will already be conversant with your business and practices, and this will allow them to represent you effectively. Depending on the type of company you run, having a lawyer on your side can be a huge boon to your success.


SEO Specialist


SEO is one of the cheapest marketing strategies and benefits small businesses with limited resources. In this day and age, almost everyone searches for locations, products, and services on the internet before making a call or visiting the physical store. With the rise of smartphones and the availability of affordable internet services, there has been a surge in the use of search engines. 82 percent of marketers believe SEO is increasing in importance.


A good SEO specialist knows the essentials for optimizing your website and taking your blog to the first page. With an experienced marketer on your team, you can expect increased sales of your products and services and won’t be left out of the online world. essentials for optimizing your website




Accountants help to manage the finances of your business. They see the hidden costs of running your business and manage them effectively. Most importantly, accountants will file your taxes and help you avoid getting into issues with the IRS. As a business owner, running the audits and taxes yourself will take up a lot of your time and will disrupt the running of the company. Accounting is probably the most time-consuming activity a business owner can choose to engage in.


Professional accountants have been trained to handle the audits and taxes and can do a flawless job in an even shorter period. Beyond this, the accountant will offer unbiased and valuable advice on your finances and the running of the business. If you are strained financially, you can hire a part-time accountant as you stabilize your resources.


Human Resources


Start-ups don’t usually have many employees. But as they grow, they will need to hire more people to handle the daily tasks in the workplace. At some point, processing the payrolls and sending out checks will be too much work for the business owner alone. To increase efficiency, hiring a human resource professional can speed up these processes. This way, you can avoid late payments and focus on running the company.


A talented HR professional will be able to set competitive wages for employees and help you attract top talent. Also, these professionals help to resolve issues in the workplace before they get out of hand. This can end up saving you a lot of money that would have been spent on legal cases.




A traditional marketing team is necessary to the success of any business. Professionals both in SEO and the physical realm help raise awareness of your products and services. Without a marketing team, you may fail to make any sales, and your business will inevitably fall.


The marketing team does not just promote the product or service you are selling, they also help to make your brand recognizable. This department will build a positive reputation for your business and products.


Insurance Agent


Insurance agents take you through the entire process of insuring your business. This process involves a lot of paperwork and can be overwhelming. Your insurance agent will probably work for the insurance company, but is there to make sure you get sufficient coverage for your business. In addition, they handle all the paperwork involved. These professionals can tell if you have taken very little insurance or too much and will advise you accordingly.


Insurance agents will also make sure you get all the discounts available so you can save as much money as possible. In case you have a problem or an accident in the workplace, the agent will be there to walk you through the process of making a claim. This will lower your chances of missing out on the insurance money.


Business owners often get tempted to cut costs in every possible way, but this is not always prudent. You need a team of professionals to help you handle the day-to-day activities of the business. The professions listed above should be included on every company’s team.