Do you get nervous handing over the keys to a company car to a new employee? If you don’t, you probably should be. Unless your company has a program for testing and training your drivers, you have no idea what their driving habits are like. Since the car isn’t their own, many employees don’t treat company cars well unless their company has a rigorous policy. To make sure that your employees drive responsibly, consider the following.

Regular Training

Your employees might balk at being asked to go to driver training, but you should do it anyways. Although they may be too proud to recognize it, many of your employees will have some bad driving habits. By talking about basic safety precautions like frequently checking mirrors and the importance of signaling you can help many of your employees overcome these bad habits.

It may seem silly to repeat the same things over and over again, but that is exactly what you need to do. You want your employees to hear your voice instructing them to be careful every time that they get into one of your cars. Only through constant repetition can you show your employees that you are serious about what you’re saying. This is especially important for driving habits that seem inconvenient like wearing a seatbelt or walking around the car before pulling out.

Skill Assessments

If you really want to show your employees that you are serious, you should use skill assessments. Every year requires that your employees submit to a driving test conducted by a third party. Regularly using assessment programs allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses. If one of your employees shows that they have dangerous habits, you can save yourself a lot of future trouble by revoking their driving privileges. Instruct your employee in which skills they need to improve and allow them to retake the test in a few months.


These days there are many systems available that will allow you to see how your employees are driving. You can install these systems in your company vehicles and monitor the speed at which they drive, as well as other important driving statistics. You can save your company a lot of money on brakes, transmissions, and tires if you give warnings to employees that are consistently braking too hard or cornering too fast.

It’s very likely that your employees are going to grumble as you implement these practices. However, they will come to appreciate your concern for their safety. They will also appreciate being entrusted with a quality car to drive. Because of the emphasis that you put on proper driving and car care, your employees will be much more responsible with your vehicles.

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