Most businesses want to gain attention in the industry and attract more customers to boost their success and longevity. Although it can be easy to blend in with your competitors, there are still ways to gain publicity and attention. Here are a few ways to consider standing out when you’ve recently emerged as a new business.

Use Social Media

Social media is a faster tool to use than SEO and allows businesses to connect with potential or current customers immediately. Make it a point to be active and savvy on social media and make it clear what your company’s expertise is on the social media platforms. Cultivating a solid social media presence will allow your audience to grow and can prompt your followers to share your posts on their own accounts. Social media is free PR and will allow you to build more relationships and encourage word-of-mouth publicity.

Join an Organization

The most successful companies make it a priority to join at least one organization, which can allow them to appear more reputable and have accountability in the industry. Joining a chamber of commerce offers many other benefits as well as helping with publicity. It builds credibility with potential customers and will increase the chances of them purchasing your goods or services by 80 percent. It can also be used as an additional form of marketing because chambers have many marketing venues like their social media accounts, website, print advertising, and community events where your name will have a presence. It can also allow you to take advantage of more networking opportunities for a mutual benefit with the organization.

Deliver a Great Product or Service

Although it’s easier said than done, the best way to gain publicity as a new company is to deliver a great product or amazing customer service. Ultimately, publicity is useless if your business doesn’t show that it has value and offer something important to customers. Begin by fixing the product or service first before moving forward. You’ll then have more customers spreading the word about what you offer because they’ll be satisfied with their purchase. Your message is only as good as what you offer.

Understanding how to utilize different tools that are available can allow your business to succeed and have more of a presence in the industry. With extra exposure, you’ll have a successful marketing strategy and learn how to have the added edge over your competition.