One aspect of a healthy workplace environment you might be forgetting is the importance of signs. Signs can place positive and crucial information in the view of everyone in your company. These might depict company standards, motivational quotes, and other necessary business advice. If you don’t have them, consider the potential losses you’ll face without them.

Remind Employees of Rules

Carefully placed signs can remind your employees about company policies and procedures. While most employees don’t outright steal from their company, some might occasionally commit time theft by spending time on their phone during their work hours. Signs stating specific rules can motivate employees to be diligent and keep on task.

It can also communicate clear standards your business has. Break rooms are another common place employers should hang signs up. While these could have messages relating to the job, it may also ask employees to clean up their break area and to be a good coworker. Rules keep your company and employees in sync.

Label Hazards

In some situations, lack of signage may lead to company lawsuits. Labeling hazardous areas is essential so your customers and employees remain safe. It is in the law that possible danger needs to be addressed to everyone around the area. If you don’t already have some, buy signs that are necessary for your company—whether it be “Wet Floor” signs or “Heavy Machinery” notices.

To keep people in your business safe, you need to label exits, fire escapes, and anything that may be essential in a cataclysmic tragedy. Emergency responders are trained to read NFPA 704 labels and act according to the danger.

Inform Customers

Signs are meant to inform your employees, but they can also be a way to communicate with your customers. This not only keeps you on the up and up legally, but it is key to bringing customers through your doors. Use signs to talk about what your company is offering—from specialty deals, new products, and special events they can participate in!

Talk with your marketing team to see what you can do to promote your business’s unique features. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your sign eye-catching. Clear communication is just as important with customers as it is with employees.

Hopefully, you have seen the “signs” and decided to invest in better signs. It will keep you out of severe legal trouble, advertise your business better, and keep your employees informed. More communication is always a good thing.

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