People need space to do their business, and why shouldn’t they do it on your commercial property? Help your property fit potential tenants’ needs by adding value to your commercial property. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Add Indoor Amenities

To attract businesses to lease on your property, a way to be competitive is by adding indoor amenities. You likely already have many indoor amenities—such as climate control, nice bathrooms, and others. But it’s time to get creative. The modern tenant is looking for more so they can improve the health, safety, and comfort of their employees, and you can be the one to provide that for them.

Consider upping your wi-fi speed and reliability and providing more food options. You could also upgrade security. Think about some rooms you could add as well. You could create conference rooms, a lounge, and maybe even a fitness center. Also consider the accessibility of your property and how to make it easier for someone who is physically disabled to navigate.

Maintain the Exterior

Maintaining the exterior of your commercial property does more than attract people because it looks attractive. It attracts people because a well-maintained exterior is safer and often more convenient. Exterior spaces include the roof, parking lot, outdoor walkways, shrubbery, light fixtures, and walls of your building.

The safety of the exterior often depends on the climate you live in. Especially in places where there is cold, inclement weather, it’s important to consider what happens to water and ice. Make sure that water drains away from the buildings, protecting them. Consider using different materials for walkways. Asphalt paving is ideal for cold areas, as cement tends to crack in cold weather.

Create a Brand

To more readily market your commercial property, name the property and market it online. There are many tips about how to name a business, and these same tips can apply to naming your property. Consider what makes your property different and how you want it to come across to other people. As you market it online, be sure to be clear about the amenities and

Of course, you can increase the value that you receive from a commercial property by also increasing the rent for your tenants. Sometimes this is necessary to keep up with inflation and building costs. But these are other great ways to help give your tenants more bang for their buck. Invest carefully as you increase the value to your commercial property, and you will have happier tenants and better returns.

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