As online shopping continues to grow more popular, brick and mortar stores are looking for ways to increase their foot traffic. This problem is only magnified during the winter months when people would rather keep walking than stay in the cold. So, how can a retailer overcome this winter snag and get people into their stores? The following list includes a number of ways you can begin seeing more people walking into your retail business during the cold winter months.

Offer Seasonal Products

When people have no reason to go out during the winter, they will simply stay home and shop online. Therefore, you must provide them with a reason to visit you. The best way to accomplish this is to offer seasonal products. If you offer products or services that people are going to need, you are far more likely to see them showing up at your doorstep. In addition, you may also further entice people to stop by your brick and mortar location by offering deals.

Make Your Customers Comfortable

As stated above, customers are simply going to keep walking as they don’t want to be out in the cold for too long. Thus, it is your job to make your store feel as welcoming and comfortable as possible. You can offer amenities during the winter to make customers more comfortable as they wait for service. These may involve offering free cups of coffee or making sure that your shop is warm and cozy. Don’t forget to have areas designated for coats, as most people might not feel the most comfortable shopping around in large bulky coats.

Give Back

What better way to see more foot traffic and help out your community than by hosting your own charity drive. The fact is that customers want to give back to the community, especially around the holiday season. In addition to that, customers also want to do business with a company that gives back to the community. Thus, it is highly recommended that charitable events be included in your plan each year.

The winter months can be a really tough time for brick and mortar retailers to keep the flow of foot traffic let alone increase foot traffic before the holiday seasons. Although obstacles are present finding customers to come into your store is not impossible. Simply adhere to the list above to begin making your storefront a foot traffic hub during the winter months.

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