These days online presence has become a crucial element in the success of many careers. If you are a career-minded individual interested in utilizing your online presence to jumpstart the success of your career, here are a few tips.

Follow Your Business Leaders

Following your business leaders on their social media channels can help you make important connections through social media. As you begin networking through social media, make sure to observe the accepted online etiquette. Since you will be attempting to make connections with your business leaders, make sure your profile doesn’t show anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. Avoid being pushy—if you want to “friend” your boss, consider letting them initiate the invitation.

Stay active on LinkedIn

One way you can make your online presence a source of career success is staying active on LinkedIn, and not just when you are looking for a job. LinkedIn is a great way to make connections that will be crucial to your career. LinkedIn can facilitate career-related discussions and help you connect with communities that will be instrumental in building your career.

Make sure your LinkedIn has a unique headline; don’t just accept the default headline for your profile. Profiles that have a headline are 40 times more likely to be contacted. Spending the time to craft a great headline will help you advertise the best parts about yourself to potential contacts in just a few, powerful words.

Build a Personal Website

Building a personal website is a great way to create your online career brand. There are many benefits to creating a personal website. It’s a place to build your portfolio, establish yourself as an expert in your career field, and makes you easier to find in a Google search. A website shows potential employers and career connections that you take initiative to spread your unique presence. There are several website creation platforms that can help you create your own domain step by step. These platforms will help you create a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, professional website.

Investing in your career now includes developing your best online presence. You can do this by following your business leaders on social media, staying active on LinkedIn, and building a personal website. Try out these three strategies to increase your visibility online, network more effectively, and showcase your expertise in your field.

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