Accidents can happen anywhere. Whether you are in an office setting or on the manufacturing floor, it is important to minimize accidents so that everyone remains safe. Remember to carefully consider everyone’s safety as you make your workplace less accident prone.

Create Clearly Defined Rules

Clearly defined rules are the ones that are easy to understand, easily accessed, explicitly communicated, and have an obvious purpose. But how do you make this happen?

If you have a risk management department, discussing the workplace situation with them is a great start. They can help you consider things you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Here’s a starter list:

  • Always keep fire lanes equipment free
  • Shut down equipment when not in use
  • No open flames on the floor
  • Clean up the workspace at the end of every day
  • Clean spills immediately, with the proper equipment
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment
  • Use equipment correctly
  • Do not use equipment while under the influence

All of these items can lead to much bigger problems if not kept in check, but if you have a list of procedures that your employees follow, you can reduce accidents significantly.

Make Improvements

Even small improvements can lead to big results. Think of improvements that eliminate or reduce the risk of injuries. One such improvement can be the floor. If you work in a place where there is a lot of movement and the floor can get wet easily, epoxy can provide an anti-slip surface that makes working safer for employees. If your workplace is prone to growing mold, invest in a dehumidifier. If the chairs are old and breaking, replace the chairs. Don’t forget to consider big improvements, like a remodeling that makes transporting materials easier and safer. Though it is intimidating to consider such a big expense, it is worth it to protect your employees.

Have a Place for Everything

If something doesn’t have a place where it belongs, it will never be put away. Having a place for all your equipment, supplies, and inventory helps keep potentially dangerous obstacles out of the way. It also helps to ensure that your things stay in the best condition possible.

Remember to prepare for potential natural disasters in your area. If equipment and supplies are put away correctly, a natural disaster will not make them a danger to your employees. This would include bracing shelving, proper storage containers, and others.

Accidents can be terrible (and extremely costly) things, but if you prepare your workplace and follow some basic rules, you can reduce accidents. When your workplace feels safe, it feels so much better to work there. Employees across the office will thank you for taking the extra steps necessary to keep them safe.

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