With the return to work, many businesses are opening up again. Safety, however, is a primary concern. While you may not be able to completely prevent the spread of the disease, you should do your part to keep your employees safe. These precautions may seem a hassle, but they are important for the safety of your employees.

Establish Safety Protocols

One of the first things you should do is establish safety protocols. These protocols could include sanitizing procedures, as well as what to do in case someone tests positive for the virus. You should have a plan in place so that you and your employees don’t panic if the moment arises. Safety protocols should be taught to all employees so that they know what to do to keep themselves safe.


Another thing that you should use is personal protective equipment or PPE. Although PPE should be a last line of defense rather than your primary strategy for safety, it is still important to equip your employees with PPE. The most common PPE that they will use will be a mask. While masks don’t stop the spread of the virus, they can slow it by preventing people from spreading their germs when they cough or sneeze. The masks serve as a protection to all your other employees, which is why it is important to provide personal protective equipment for your employees.

Implementing Social Distancing Practices

Another thing to implement is social distancing measures. Your employees should be spaced six feet apart, and this includes in the lunchroom. If your business has multiple stations that employees can rotate through, you should mandate that they each work in one assigned station so that no one else can use it. This prevents the spread of germs which reduces the spread of the virus. Social distancing measures may be difficult for your employees, as they may be used to spending time with one another and talking in close proximity. But social distancing practices will help reduce the spread of the virus and keep your employees safe, which is why it’s important that they follow social distancing guidelines.

While returning to work may be daunting, you must do your part to keep your employees safe. Establishing safety protocols, using personal protective equipment and establishing social distancing practices are all things you can do to keep your employees safe and your business still operational.

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