If you live in an area that’s prone to heavy precipitation, protecting your gym from water damage should be of utmost concern. Whether water damage comes in the form of leaks and weather-related issues or patrons are tracking substantial water inside your building, there are numerous ways you can mitigate the damage to your facility. Curious about what you can do to keep your facility in top form? Take a look below for a few helpful tips.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Establishing a regular cleaning schedule will alert you to small issues before they become glaring problems. Whether water damage comes from a roof leak or a plumbing leak, thorough cleaning on a regular schedule allows you to conduct regular inspections of the entire gym. You might find a leak in the changing rooms, bathrooms, or even where the water fountain is situated, but without regular examinations, these issues may take days or even weeks to come to your attention. When you notice small leaks, you can attend to them immediately, which will prevent more extensive water damage from going unnoticed.

Checking After Storms

Always check your gym after heavy storms. Even if the storm occurred at an odd time of day, it’s imperative that you examine the gym as quickly as possible to catch any leaks before they become glaring issues. Puddled water after a storm is a common problem, but it evaporates relatively quickly. If you don’t catch a leak right away, you may not be aware that it even exists. If you observe puddles during your inspection of the facility, depending on the kind of flooring, you may have to pull sections up to determine the extent of the damage. If you immediately inspect the gym after each storm, you can quickly clean up puddled water and patch roof leaks to prevent extensive damage to the flooring and the structure beneath it.

Install Floor Mats

If you live in an area with heavy precipitation, installing floor mats in heavily trafficked areas can make a world of difference. Whether precipitation occurs as a result of rain or snow, patrons can easily track a substantial amount of water into your facility. Floor mats will help keep water contained in specific locations to prevent it from accumulating on your gym flooring. Plus, using floor mats to absorb water can help cut down on hazardous, slippery areas throughout your gym.

Protecting your gym from water damage isn’t difficult; it just takes dedication and consistency. As long as you maintain regular inspections of your facility, you should have no trouble catching leaks before they become massive issues. Repairing small leaks and mitigating water accumulation on your gym floors will help you maintain a high-value, clean and visually appealing facility for years to come.