There is a lot of time, money, and effort that goes into running a non-profit organization. Even though nobody in your organization is making money directly, there are expenses non-profits still need to pay. These costs can drain your budget you have dedicated to your cause.

To make the most money for your nonprofit’s cause, you will want to minimize this overhead. Here are three key things to focus on to improve efficiency within your organization.

Buy Used

Buying items that have been used by other people or companies can be a great way to save extra cash and still receive good-quality items. While there are risks you take when buying used items, especially online, the cost of used items can be worth it.

Other benefits include not having to assemble or pay taxes on the furniture you buy. Sometimes people who care about your organization might even donate to your company by providing supplies. Used items are key in saving money.

Reduce Electricity Usage

Another major bill that every individual, company and non-profit must pay is power. This is a necessity for most jobs that cannot be done without. Our work lives run on light, and if you have a building with the lights on all day every day, you might have to spend a pretty penny at the end of the month.

You cannot leave your organization literally in the dark. But a good way to reduce the electricity you use is to switch to energy-conservative light fixtures. LED bulbs use 80 percent less electricity than conventional light bulbs. That is a lot of money down the drain that could be used to fund your cause.

Go Paperless

Paper and ink cost a lot of money. Spending money on paper media can also put a dent in your wallet. This is why most businesses and nonprofits have embraced the paperless lifestyle.

Using social media and other online advertisements can be more effective at getting your message out to the public. Digital products can make your job and organization more streamlined and effective. Not to mention, there is a reduction in environmental impact.

These are three major ways that you can lower your overhead cost as a non-profit. However, there could always be more depending on what your non-profit is for. Always look at your current situation and try to determine what you could be doing to make your organization more cost-effective. You never know what you can find.

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