Helping others is a great thing, especially when it comes to improving wellness. If you’ve recently acquired your health and wellness degree, you might not know what career is best for you. Here are three wellness careers that could be the right choice for you.


According to SoolmanNutrition the purpose of a nutritionist is to educate on food and how each one can impact their well-being. There are multiple variations of nutritionists. A few examples include nutritionists who specialize in sports, nutritionists who enjoy working with animal owners, and public health nutritionists.

Regardless of what field you choose, you will have the same responsibilities. You will create specific meal plans, encourage others to eat healthy and be more active, determine what a person needs nutritionally, and record their progress.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a career that aims to improve a person’s well-being. Specifically, massage therapy involves pushing, kneading, and manipulating a person’s muscles. This is done to help them relieve stress and treat certain medical issues. In addition, massage therapy has proven to help get rid of unwanted pain as well as improve a person’s blood flow. According to Berks Technical Institute*, a massage school will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to navigate massages for special populations such as pregnant women and the elderly.

People who are massage therapists can work in various settings. They can work in private clinics, a spa, a gym, and hospitals. The choice of where you’d like to operate as a massage therapy is up to you.

*Berks Technical Institute cannot guarantee employment.

Community Health Worker

Last, but not least, another career option you could consider is being a community health worker. The premise of a community health worker is simple; people of a specific community are chosen to provide others with medical care. Community health workers are also expected to provide rehabilitation care and preventative care.

According to Patient Engagement HIT, other responsibilities of a community health worker can include assisting others in gaining access to necessary resources. These resources include food, quality medical care, and health insurance.

Regardless of what wellness career track you take, you’ll always be helping others in every way you can. There are other options to consider, but the three careers listed here are some of the most rewarding.

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