Today’s businesses are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital marketplace. Their goal is to keep their customers informed and satisfied and take the initiative to generate more leads, an aspect that marketers are well versed in. Video transcription may not pay off in the short-term, but it can help put things into perspective. In fact, podcasts are currently the most dynamic channel that marketers are using to give products demo and define their brand in more persuasive ways than web pages. Below are the reasons marketers should be taking advantage of content transcription.

Boost Customer Experience and Engagement

Improved overall customer experience and online engagement are two compelling reasons marketer should transcribe their content. In fact, including podcasts on a landing page can help an online store increase its conversion rate by a whopping 80%. Filmed transcripts allow customers to follow along with the music as it plays, and get back to another tab to read a text. Similarly, some customers prefer to read over watching, and transcripts allow marketers to scan their content so that those readers can take notice. Having a review process where readers can share their thoughts is also a big part of the transcription process. Furthermore, those potential customers can share the content with friends or colleagues who may not have time to watch a filmed episode.

Improved Site Traffic and SEO Ranking

The benefits of transcribed content are hard to deny. In fact, YouTube often ranks podcasts with a full transcription higher, and if their quality is superb, people searching for any keyword or phrase related to your ads will make search engines take notice and rank them even higher. Using optimized keywords or phrases will give business a competitive edge since search engines use transcripts as the basis of indexing content. Improved SEO not only generates traffic that marketers can capture through other marketing efforts but also helps potential customers find their content online. Online stores should allow search engines to rank and index their content so that they can reach a broader and more qualified audience.

Increased Accessibility

Not every potential customer, internet user, or viewer can read and watch the content that marketers have put out into the world. As such, digital marketers need to understand the needs of their audiences, especially where audio and filmed episodes are concerned. Marketers need to accommodate the needs of people who speak a different language and those who need to mute their audio in public or at work. Digital marketers can trust filmed transcripts to reach out to a target segment they couldn’t otherwise reach.

Content Variety

The beauty of transcription is that it creates an opportunity for digital marketers to reach their audience through different avenues. Audio allows people to listen while working or relaxing while filmed content provide a more personalized appeal. Transcription gives web page visitors an option to either read or watch content, which for some people, are the best ways to absorb knowledge. In fact, transcripts are easier to share with potential customers and target audience than on social media.

Content Archiving

Once a marketer has built a library of video and audio, creating an index of their work becomes easier. After that, they can link their earlier posts to the transcripts and use them as a support material for future reference. Furthermore, a digital marketer may decide to use the archived texts and filmed episodes for purposes such as creating eBooks. Online stores can take excerpts from these archives and utilize their wealth of knowledge to create new blogs.

Create an Option to Add Links to Text

Including links to transcripts allow marketers to create more web context for the internet users to explore. For example, a marketer can upload audio that touches on their previous topics and provides links that guests can use for cross-promotion. One of the strategies to keep guests on your web page is to create in-depth, informative content.

Recognize the Deaf

Transcription creates an opportunity for the hearing impaired to read the content from a filmed episode or audio. It allows marketers to send out a message to them and let them share it with their loved ones who can hear the sound. After all, it is the information that matters not the channel of conveyance.

Reference to Audio

Researchers with access to transcribed content can use it as a reference to filmed episodes or audio recording. Instead of watching a video or listening to a podcast to recollect information, researchers can scan the transcribed text and use it to find any information they want. That will help them save time and concentrate on their projects.

Overall, for better customer care and satisfaction, and for boosting your businesses listing on search engines, transcription can be a huge help when it comes to marketing your business and its content. Helping everyone feel included and able to access your content and information is of top priority.


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