It is never too early to start promoting the opening day of your business. The more buzz created around the milestone, the bigger crowd you are likely to attract. Maximizing sales and attention around these milestones is what helps you float along throughout the rest of the year. It also sets the tone. Creating organic word-of-mouth before you have signed your lease or started manufacturing your products allows you to see what kind of clients you are going to attract. You can also start testing price points and estimating the potential demand. Here are a few ways you should start marketing before your opening day.

Pick the Right Location

Long before you’re anywhere close to opening, you need to make sure that your business will be locally relevant. The demographics of the area against the types of clients your product or service is going to attract matters. Pizza chains that sell their pies for $5 excel in low- and mid-income areas because that is the kind of pizza chain locals can afford, want to visit, and live close to. There is an interesting mix of urban and high-end housing as well as shopping options happening in redeveloped neighborhoods, but even they have to test to ensure they can thrive in those areas. Plus, if you are going to attract suburban moms, for example, you want to ensure your space has parking. If you are targeting the hip, millennial crowd, you want to ensure you are set up for Wi-Fi and the latest payment technologies.

Get Ads Going on Social Media

There are some companies, like food trucks, that do their sole advertising and marketing on social media. They create a large, local following. Then, they announce where they will be stationed for lunch on any given day. When they make an appearance at special events, followers know it will be announced on social media. Tapping into the power of this online advertising source helps you create organic word-of-mouth that can reach an audience you did not know you needed or could reach.

Develop a Story

One way to create buzz around your company’s opening day is to tell a story. Your goal is to connect with your intended audience so that they are more likely to attend your opening day and continue to shop thereafter, too.

To have a great opening day, start marketing now. Pick the right location, run ads on social media and develop a story if you want to start your business on the right foot before it even opens. 
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