Your first meeting with a wealth advisor should make you feel as though you and your money are important to them. If you feel uncomfortable or unheard, remember that there are many financial advisors in the world, and you always try talking . If you’re visiting with this advisor as a pair, such as with a spouse, both of you must feel welcomed and important for you to have confidence in your advisor as a couple.

Each One Is Different

Just as every investor is unique, each financial advisor is different. The world of investing is huge and endlessly changing, after all. Depending on your age, family size and financial goals, your advisor may employ different strategies for you than they would with a single person with no kids or an older couple getting ready to retire. However, everyone visiting a financial advisor should expect a personalized experience. Once they become familiar with the specifics of your situation, wealth advisors will choose a process that they feel will work best for you.

Do Your Homework

When talking to a financial advisor, it’s important to be able to confidently state your financial goals as well as your current situation. For example, if you’re planning on a family and have some life insurance but possibly not enough at the moment, tell your advisor so that they can recommend adequate insurance to protect your family in the event of a tragedy. For those who are close to retirement, be sure that you and your partner can state your retirement goals with certainty. Managing your existing funds wisely is critical once you leave the working world.

Bring Questions

Your financial advisor will have vehicles that you may never have heard of to help you invest effectively and provide for your family as it grows and ages. Let your advisor know if you need to put together a college saving plan for your kids. Be sure to let your advisor know of your current debt load and your goals as an employee or business owner. You have milestones that you want to hit, and your advisor can help you build a financial map to start preparing for your future today. 

Working with a financial advisor is an exercise in information gathering, and you may leave your first appointment with more questions than you had going in. However, a responsive financial advisor can help you ask better questions every time you have an appointment. Additionally, as your life changes from year to year, your plan may have to be adjusted. For best results, be consistent, stay flexible, and be open to the advice that your advisor will offer.
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