COVID-19 has shut down the country for the better part of 2020. Now that the pandemic is starting to be controlled, employers are beginning to bring their workers back into the office. However, the pandemic has changed the way that people view the world. As the business owner, you should consider the following before you bring everyone back.

Social Distancing

The pandemic is not over, unfortunately. Because of this, some of your employees may harbor feelings of anxiety and worry interacting with people at work. To make everyone feel safe, promote social distancing in your office as much as you can. If you interact with customers on a regular basis, add signs around your walls to make sure patrons know the requirement.

By asking your employees and customers to social distance, everyone will feel safe and you will avoid any business threatening lawsuits. Masks may also be something to consider requiring in the workplace.

Employee Infections

You should also be wary of employees being diagnosed with COVID-19. If someone catches the disease, you might need to force them to work from home so you can disinfect the office. Disinfecting a 1,500 square foot office space can take up to 2 hours. Ask employees that they get tested—especially if they were at a large group gathering.

The virus spreads very easily, so you might want to consider asking your Human Resources department if there could be money paid out to employees who are forced to isolate. You can keep your employees happy and the office safe.

Remote and Office Balance

You might want to consider gradually transitioning to in-person work. Having a couple of days a week where you work in-person spread among the other weekdays of remote work can make people get used to being in the office again. It can also help workers who have immunocompromised family members feel like they are still part of the team.

This remote work and office balance will be an odd change. But by doing it, you are promoting good health among your employees. This will also help employees who were hired for remote work get acquainted with everything the office has to offer. It is a win-win situation.

Everyone wants to go back to work. By taking the necessary precautions, you are encouraging your employees and customers that your business will be a haven from the virus. Your work will be able to move on as it did before COVID-19 affected the world.

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