Wondering what the big deal is about businesses and videos? Here are three reasons why every business should participate in the video-making trend. 

Content is King

The one rule you want to remember when making media for your business is that content is king. Now, this doesn’t mean that writing a bunch of articles about nothing will get you at the top of the food chain in online business. What you need to do is combine written content with videos as part of your marketing strategy. But not just any videos. You need to make videos that help solve problems for your audience. The audience’s preference always comes first. Find out what kind of information your audience wants and start making your videos based on that. You will find that you will gain higher audience loyalty this way.

Deliver More Content

Delivering more content is always a good idea in business. The amount of content you produce should always carry value and meaning, but the most important thing to remember here is to diversify your content. Diverse content can look like a variety of things. Videos, articles and live chats are always great ways to bring diversity to the table. One of the best things about approaching your content creation this way is that it will undoubtedly reach more people. Think about it: Some people hate reading, and would much rather watch a video to hear what you have to say. Also, when delivering your content, make sure you don’t oversell your product to your audience. This is a selfish and harmful tactic. If we use doTERRA’s YouTube page as an example, you can and should deliver diverse and interesting content that isn’t just about your product, but also about your industry in general. This is the kind of content that your audience will want to consume. 

Videos Are Entertaining

Sometimes, the fact of the matter is that your audience gets bored easily. You want to picture your audience as a kid in middle school who can’t sit still or listen for more than a few minutes. Videos enable you to both entertain and inform you audience just about anywhere they happen to be. For example, Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” series delivers viral entertainment while also informing the audience about the quality of their product. Thanks to technology, we are able to transport our phones anywhere we go, and your video marketing follows.

Making content videos for your business is essential to the health of your business. Not only are they convenient for your audience, but they can also entertain them while educating them. Remember that video content is now king. You are now able to deliver your content to a broader audience than ever before.