In recent years, inbound marketing has become a cornerstone of many companies’ marketing and advertising strategies. This type of marketing often works well because it builds up less resistance in clients’ minds. Anyone who has been in marketing long enough knows that too much resistance kills sales. If you’ve been thinking about adding some inbound strategies to your bag of marketing tricks, here are a few reasons you should.

Natural Marketing

By its nature, outbound marketing is disruptive and often interruptive. Outbound marketing is that annoying commercial that interrupts your favorite TV program or the cold caller who calls you during dinner.

Inbound marketing techniques, like content marketing, work differently. For example, say someone found your business because they were searching the web for your type of business. The beauty of them finding you via your website’s content is that they found you while they were looking for a solution to their problem. You are not interrupting them. You’re solving a problem that they have. This kind of sales strategy works better because the people who find you are already looking for your types of services, making them prequalified leads.

It’s Cost Effective

Inbound marketing leads cost 61% less than those obtained through outbound marketing. That’s because inbound marketing often focuses on cheap or even free marketing tools, like blogging, social media and YouTube. It’s not that you can never use more traditional advertising media, like local TV or radio spots. It’s just that making traditional advertising methods the bulk of your advertising portfolio is going to cost you a great deal. Additionally, traditional advertising methods may not have the ROI that inbound marketing methods do.

Build Authority and Branding

Your inbound marketing techniques should focus on building relationships with potential clients by offering them useful information and tools. Doing this establishes you as an authority in your industry and helps you build your brand. This approach beats traditional marketing because people do a great deal of online research on how to solve a problem before they actually buy a solution. Your content should provide them with enough information to satisfy their research. If it does, then they’ll want to buy from you. You have become an industry authority that they can turn to when they need a solution to a personal or business problem. This allows you to build your brand effortlessly.

Acquiring a customer via inbound marketing techniques is a very different experience than acquiring one through more disruptive methods of advertising. When customers find you on their own, you don’t have to try and talk them into buying. They were already looking for what you have. It’s a much more cost-efficient and effective way to market your business in the long run.

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