Website marketing has developed in such a way that one has to post content that attracts readers who are then converted to buyers. The larger the traffic on your website, the more the buyers you are likely to have. However, ranking a website in a search is based on several Google strategies that the majority of content marketers fear. A change in ranking metric may have a negative impact on your website making it rank way below what you expected. This article discusses seven SEO tools that can guarantee a better ranking of your website.

1. SEMRush

This is a tool that is used mostly to spy on the competitor website. You will be required to understand the metrics that your competitor uses to rank high so that you can similarly set your website. SEMRush helps you to understand the keywords used by your competitor. The tool is configured such that it can also help you determine the ads run by your competitor website which gives you an advantage as you can offer significant competition by understanding competitor’s strategies and ranking metrics. A free version will provide sufficient information, but purchasing the pro version has added benefits.

2. Screaming Frog

If you want to find out how other content marketers or social media influencers can play a role in bringing huge traffic to your website, use  Screaming Frog. This tool can help you to find link partners that you can work together with to enhance the ranking of your site. For more features and the added advantage, it is important that you subscribe for the pro version.

3. Offline Conversion Tracker

You have seen websites asking their customers where they first heard about them or their products whether or not that was from friends, social platforms, or mainstream media. You will also need to add a similar feature to your site that your customers can provide you with the same information about how they first heard about you. This information will be used by the offline conversion tracker to determine what works well for your website regarding marketing. You can use this metric to maximize the marketing of your site by working more on your strength.

4. Ahrefs Site Explorer

This is one of the emerging SEO tools in the industry that you should have. It is useful when you want to determine how metrics such as backlinks and texts are performing on your website. If you want to find out whether the links in your site are changing, either increasing or decreasing, Ahrefs is designed for just that. It will always guide you on what to do next so that you can increase backlinks for your site hence attracting more traffic.

5. Open Link Profiler

Besides offering you additional features, open link profiler is another tool that you can use to determine the performance of your website. You can find out whether your blog has backlinks or if it is stagnating. This will help you to adjust where necessary by using the required keywords to increase the number of people visiting your site. This tool works in such a way that it can help you check the increase or decrease of backlinks for a page or the whole website.

6. WooRank

You might be interested in conducting the performance review of your website or blog in specific areas. WooRank will help you determine how effective your page is on a frequent basis. You can easily access this SEO tool for free on trial version, but you can check for the pro version for added advantages. WooRank will offer significant information regarding your websites such as social visitors, security aspects, keyword search, usability, and backlinks among others.

7. Long Tail Pro

It is always important to spy on your competitor while at the same time evaluating the level of competition you have in the industry. By doing this, you can easily determine what you need to be competitive enough to succeed. Long Tail Pro is an SEO tool that helps you to spy on your competitor’s links. You can determine the authority of their content and which metrics they are using to rank high in internet searches.


Of course, SEO tools aren’t the only path to great traffic. Remember to still look to great content with smart keywords for your business’s website. And of course, don’t discount the power of reviews. Though you can get free versions of most SEO tools out there, you will need to use some cash to be able to access some of the best features of these tools. It shouldn’t be hard for you if you know which SEO tools can boost the profitability of your business and avoid on of the many ways businesses can bite the dust.


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