how to ace your nursing interview

You’re about to finish nursing school, or maybe you’ve already graduated — congratulations! Now there’s one thing on your mind: landing a job in the field you’ve worked so hard to get into. But don’t let the thought of an interview give you test anxiety. With the right preparation and the right mindset, you can impress the interviewer into a job offer.


Nursing interviews come with a lot of questions. Anticipating these questions and practicing your responses can help you give higher quality answers as well as help you feel more confident.

Expect to be asked about your schooling and experience, as well as your goals or why you are interested in working for that specific company or facility. Additionally, you may be asked questions about how you would handle certain situations as a nurse, such as what you should do if a patient suddenly goes into shock or is showing signs of physical or sexual abuse.

Bring Your Resume

Even though you already turned in a copy of your resume when you applied for the nursing job, you should still bring a fresh copy with you when you go to the interview in case the interviewer does not have a copy on hand. Along with presenting your nursing school and graduation information, this document lists your skills and experiences that qualify you for the job, and can serve as a good reminder when nervousness makes you freeze. For example, if you have experience in another health care-related job, such as if you worked as a CNA or medical office staff member, discussing this experience can be helpful.

Don’t Focus on the Money

Most people take jobs because they need/want the money — and you’re likely in the same boat. However, don’t make money the main focus of your interview. Nursing is a unique occupation in that it really does require someone who actually cares about making a difference. If the first question that you ask is about how much you will get paid if you get the position, then you might come across as someone who will care more about the paycheck than about actual patients.

Any interview can be nerve-wrecking, and nursing interviews can be especially rigorous. But if you follow these tips, you might find that it’s easier than you thought it would be. Remember — you survived nursing school, so you can definitely survive this interview!