Crab Fishing Alaska jobs

If you love high wages, then you might want to consider some of the great jobs in Alaska. The low population means that you will face very few traffic jams. Many people get to spend days or weeks with little contact with others definitely helping to reduce the stress level. Most of these jobs are outdoors. Psychologists know that people who spend time outdoors are happier. In most circumstances, the pay is great. Many provide numerous non-working days giving them plenty of time to do other things in Alaska or beyond.

Commercial Fishing

Days on the open waters, rocking back and forth as the huge waves come along, are a great way to escape from a mundane life in the lower 48 states. You can be a crab angler for three months out of the year, and you make as much as many people do working 12 months a year. Expect to work hard from October to January, but then you have the other nine months to play equally hard.  Once you learn how it is not so difficult to survive the temperatures that often drop to -47 degrees Fahrenheit. Often after you have set the crab buckets down there is very little work to be done giving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Bering Strait. If you would like to explore this lifestyle, then head to Alaska. Some fishing work can pay up to $15,000 per month.

Commercial Logging

If you love the thought of flying into remote parts of Alaska where very few roads even exist, then you might want to consider becoming an Alaskan lumberjack. Board a helicopter and fly to a remote landing strip. Spend your days climbing up trees with the wind blowing gently at your back. The coldest wind chill ever recorded in Alaska was -97 degrees Fahrenheit. Stare at the vast beauty of a place that very few have ever seen. Watch as the carefully prepared tree is pulled slowly from the ground realizing that its roots only go a few inches deep into the frozen tundra. Since the ground stays frozen most of the year her,e so the trees rely on each other to keep them upright because they cannot put roots deep into the ground. While the entry-level logger in Alaska makes a base salary of about $40,000, many earn huge bonuses. Of course, helicopter pilots and other with more skills get paid even more.

Bush Pilot

Taking to the open skies as a bush pilot is a great way to live in Alaska. Be responsible for landing your plane on extremely narrow runways or on top of a lake. Enjoy seeing large areas of Alaska that very few have ever seen. After a relatively short flight in which you may have to work pretty hard, then enjoy hours spent exploring the wilderness. Enjoy the thrill of your own accomplishments as you will be flying flights that many others refuse. Get the chance to see large moose and bears in their natural habitat every work day that most people will never get the chance to experience. The average bush pilot makes over $71,000 while owner/operators often make a lot more.

Truck Driving

If the open highway is calling your name, then truck driving in Alaska may be the job for you. Truck drivers in the state earn an average of $10,000 more a year than those working in the lower 48 states. In most cases, they do not have to worry about someone trying to jump in the back of their trucks to steal their loads. Instead, they get to enjoy winding country roads through mountains and valleys. For example, they get the thrill of driving their truck across one of the most dangerous roads in America, but many find that they thrive on the natural high. The unpaved road from Fairbanks to the North Slopes is so remote that an Alaska State Police helicopter patrols the road twice daily looking for any wrecks. Yet, drivers enjoy the thought of no traffic jams to delay their trip.

There is lots of money to be made in Alaska if you are willing to accept the risk. Commercial anglers enjoy working a very short season on the open waters making what many people do in a year. Lumberjacks get a natural high in the remote wilderness. Bush pilots adore flying where very few people have even dared to go while truck drivers find very few traffic jams. These dangerous jobs can pay very well up in Alaska.