Figuring out a career in health care can be difficult at first. Even if you know you want to be a part of the healing process for people, there are so many different health care professions that it can be hard to know where to start. Thinking about some of the specific facets of medical professions can help you find the right one for you.

Think About Your Skills

Think about the skills you have and which healthcare job would best fit you. For some, the opportunity to do medical research may be the most attractive part of a prospective medical career. For others, the draw of working with patients and having a high level of social interaction may be the draw. Think about what attracts you to the medical profession and research those types of jobs.

Then, after figuring out which aspects of different medical careers appeal most to you, take the time to shadow someone doing the job. See what their day to day is like. And pay attention to the different skills that are required to do it well. What you find may surprise you—maybe one of the reasons medical research had initially been so appealing was because you anticipated being able to work on solo projects. Shadowing and interviewing a medical researcher may change your mind if you discover that the majority of their research is conducted in groups.

Length of Education

Every healthcare career has a different level of required education. Depending on where you work, some resident facilities don’t require intense prior education for an employee to become a CNA. On the other hand, some medical professions like being a speech therapist, a PA, or a medical assistant require more intense education.

Often, people interested in the healthcare field are drawn to becoming a medical assistant because it initially seems like only a medical assisting diploma is required. But actually, a diploma is only the first step in becoming a medical assistant.

Think About the Lifestyle You Want

One of the additional important things to really consider when it comes to choosing the right healthcare career is considering what type of lifestyle you are interested in. Whether you are considering going to medical school and are looking at being a pediatrician or an emergency room doctor or whether you’re deciding on being a CNA or a nurse, you should know the type of lifestyle that comes with the options.

For example, working as a pediatrician tends to be a job that allows you to have meaningful, typically less stressful, interactions with patients but it might always pay as much as other options. On the other hand, becoming an emergency room doctor will result in a higher paycheck but can require you to work difficult hours at times.

Figuring out the right medical job for you can be overwhelming at first. When there are so many options out there, what is the best one for you? Starting with some of the ideas in this article can get you started on the road to deciding on the career in healthcare that will best fit your interests.

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