There are lots of college students who get part-time jobs for a few reasons. The number one obvious reason would be to make money, especially if they’re living off campus and will be paying rent. Another reason would be to gain work experience and build up references for future jobs. Having a college job is usually a good thing, but sometimes it may not be as helpful as expected. Here are some reasons why a college job may be hurting more than it’s helping.

You’re Failing Classes

Balancing work and college is a tough gig. You’re barely passing classes because you’re not showing up or turning in assignments. You may be worn down from working late and decide to catch up on sleep. Your time off may be spent catching up on studying and homework when your brain could use a break. Suffering academically, which could cause you to suffer mentally as well, could lead to dropping out.

You’re Still Broke

Many college students may see having a job as meaning they have an unlimited amount of money. That’s kind of a naive state of mind that will lead to them having no spending limits figuring that they can just earn more. If you find yourself barely having enough money for food and other necessities, it may not be because you’re just not earning enough money. Pay attention to everything that you’re buying and create a budget. There are money management skills high schoolers should have before they come to college, and budgeting is one of them that can be very helpful to you.

It’s Too Demanding

College can sometimes be a struggle with classes, homework, or a job. Some students may have no problem working while going to school while others struggle with time management skills. They may barely have any free time. They may fall behind in homework or skip class due to lack of energy or time. Many jobs that college students are attracted to are sharing jobs, which tend to be very unregulated, but that won’t last for long. A job is an activity that earns you money while a career is something you’re passionate about. You’re in it for the joy of doing what you love, not just to make money.

These are all indicators that certain management skills need improving. It may be a struggle to make certain adjustments, but it’s necessary. Find some motivation of some kind. Force yourself to set limits and boundaries when it comes to money and time spent on school work. Once these adjustments are set in the long term, you may notice a pleasant change.

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