The world of finance is vast and full of a variety of jobs that can suit many different tastes. Because there are financial needs in pretty much every sector of the job market, you can find a job in finance that also suits your other interests. Here are a few of the available finance jobs that make great careers, no matter where your interests lie.


For many people, an accountant is the first job they think of when they imagine careers in the financial industry. There are many paths to being an accountant, and depending on your skills and interests, you can choose one that works best for you. Three major types of accounting include management accounting, financial accounting, and tax accounting. You don’t always need a degree to become an accountant, but in some cases, it can give you an edge and help you to receive more competitive pay. You will need certification and getting more certifications as you move forward in your career can help you to develop your niche and make more money.

Mortgage Broker

If you are interested in the real estate industry and how it relates to finances, getting into the loan business can be a great way to find success with your interests. Becoming a mortgage broker requires you to undergo licensing requirements. That said, once you have your license, you are in a great position to make good money, including a commission on top of your regular salary. As you get better at your job as a mortgage broker, you can grow your client base, build your reputation, and become even more successful and in demand.

Financial Manager

If you love the nitty-gritty of financial work, becoming a financial manager may be the thing for you. Financial managers help their clients with a variety of financial tasks, ranging from tax compliance to quarterly financial documents. This kind of work is very involved but can be incredibly fulfilling, especially for people who love to solve problems and stay organized with detailed records. If that sounds like something that you enjoy, financial management may be the right place for you to spend your career and develop your skills in the world of finance.

Whatever your specific interests, there are many options for careers in finance for you to pursue. Just look for something that can meet your needs and give you fulfillment in your everyday life.