Daredevil and Agents of SHIELD Lead Directly To Civil War

Marvel Netflix
Marvel’s Daredevil by Netflix and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC returned with new episodes for 2016 in March, Agent of SHIELD on March 8th and Daredevil on March 18th. Currently, neither show has made any connection with one another either directly or through the use of so-called “Easter Eggs”. We know that both shows are happening in the same...

Food Storage and Gun sales may surge under Trump Presidency

trump emergency preparedness
Food storage, emergency preparedness products and guns sales surged when Obama was elected president. Right wing conservatives were worried that an Obama administration would weaken their 2nd amendment rights and stockpiled guns and ammunition along with food storage supplies. Trust in the government ran into an all time low as people scrambled to become self sufficient in case the worst...


North Korea Tensions Trump Kim Jong Un

Post-Korean War Tension Between The United States And North Korea

North Korea Displays Its Big Guns Recently, the government of North Korea heightened tensions in Asia significantly by expanding its missile production efforts. The Chairman...


united airline customer service

How Airlines are United in Lowering their Customer Service

There was once a time when flying was considered a luxury event that included the finest seating options plush with comfort and full meals...