The Power Rangers are Back – New Suits Have Internet Outraged

power ranger suits
New Power Ranger Suits Revealed The Power Rangers are getting ready for their new movie due out in March of 2017. With the movie, release comes new Power Ranger suits and this has people buzzing about the new look. Gone are the spandex and lycra suits with cheap plastic masks. The new designs look like a cross between Iron Man and Ant-Man....

Time To Panic – America is Running Out of Bacon

Strategic Bacon Supply
First Trump is elected President, then we get an number of shocking executive orders, and now we learn that America is running low on bacon. What is next? Dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria! Seriously though, the national strategic bacon supply is running low and bacon prices are climbing at record levels. The bacon supply in the United States is...


trump tax reform plan

What is Trump’s Tax Reform Plan?

Trump's tax reform plan is touted as the biggest attempt at reform since Reagan was in office. While critics denounce Trump's plan, saying that...


how to ace your nursing interview

How to Ace Your Nursing Interview

You’re about to finish nursing school, or maybe you’ve already graduated — congratulations! Now there’s one thing on your mind: landing a job in...