Berning the Fields – Hillary’s Coronation is Shunning Millennials

Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton Secret Win
Before the polls opened in California and New Jersey, Hillary Clinton's media friends made a few phone calls to superdelegates and declared her presumptive nominee. This untimely move angered millions of Bernie Sanders supporters and provided further evidence that the election was rigged in Clinton's favor. Bernie Sanders Stood Up Against the Clinton Machine On May 26, 2015, Sen. Bernie Sanders...

Hillary Clinton’s Weak Campaign Slogan is Getting Mocked on Twitter

Clinton Hail Hydra Slogan
#Slogans4Hillary is trending on Twitter Hillary Clinton recently started repeating her new slogan "We are Stronger Together" as a way to fight off the Bernie Sanders Democratic party insurgency.  With Clinton's poll numbers sliding against the GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump, her campaign is scrambling to find the  politically correct message to unite her party. On Meet the Press, Clinton told Chuck Todd, Look, we...


7 Things You Never Knew About South Africa

(Image Source: South Africa lies on the southernmost tip of Africa. It is the second most visited country on the continent. There is so...