What’s Next for Senator Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz Attorney General
Texas Senator Ted Cruz was Donald Trump's toughest rival in the republican primaries. Throughout the campaign unpleasant words were exchanged as he attempted to take on the popular New York real estate mogul. In the end Cruz came around and endorsed Trump, even going so far as to campaign for him to rally his conservative base. Ted Cruz's final backing of...

The Violent Resistance to the Trump Presidency

Democrat Protesters Violence
If the Nov. 8, 2016, election of Donald Trump did anything, it proved how irrelevant the Democrat Party has become. Not only is the party of the elite out of touch with the political views of everyday Americans, it is also out of touch with common civility that is exercised in the modern political game. Hillary Clinton's devastating campaign...


7 Things You Never Knew About South Africa

(Image Source: CapetownVillas.net) South Africa lies on the southernmost tip of Africa. It is the second most visited country on the continent. There is so...