These days, kids spend far too much time with their noses buried in their phones. Obviously, sitting in front of the TV is no better, so here are some fun activities that you can use to get your kids away from a glowing screen and to create some good family time.


Some kids might view this activity as work rather than fun, but that will probably change when they see the creative aspects of woodworking. There is something satisfying about looking at a piece of useful work and saying, “I made that.” For a child, who probably isn’t used to making things for himself or herself, such a thing helps to develop self-sufficiency and a good work ethic. As an additional benefit, you will be able to take various household repairs and to turn them into a game. This makes the work go faster and gives you a better way to recruit the kids to help you.


Go-karting is another fun activity. A go-kart is probably the only kind of motorized vehicle that is (mostly) safe for kids. Although close supervision is required, kids tend to love hot-rodding around on a go-kart. Most of these machines can go off-road, so you have your choice of terrain. Not only is go-karting a lot of fun, but it will also help your child to develop good driving habits that will surely help him or her later in life. The only downside is that go-karts can be a little expensive. A 150cc engine is about $380, which can be a heavy investment.


This is another activity which seems like work (and it is), but it can be a lot of fun at the same time. If your kids have seen you gardening in the yard, they are probably curious about what you are doing and how it is done. The learning process can be very rewarding for them, especially when they see a seed that they planted become a large and fruitful plant. You can even get your seeds online, so you can make sure you are getting high quality seeds meant for your area and soil. These skills will also be a good asset for your child to carry into adulthood. Store-bought food is getting less trustworthy all the time. Gardening could become the only way to obtain quality fruits and vegetables.

By choosing the right activities, you can turn family time into the best time of the day. It’s even a chance to help teach something of value