Whether it’s for a big sporting event, a book club get-together, a housewarming or any other occasion, millions of people around the globe love practicing the tradition of entertaining guests in their home. You might call it a party, a gathering or just spending time with friends, but the principle is the same. You’ll want your guests to enjoy themselves, and to that end, you should know some of the best practices.

Offer Actual Entertainment

The first step here is to offer something that’s actually entertaining to your guests. If it’s a big televised event, that might do half the work for you, but in every other instance, you’ll need more than some stale chips and gooey cheese. Think about items like fine whiskey to sip or premium cigars to smoke. Think about your overall ambiance. This includes lighting and music. You want a welcoming atmosphere that makes your guests feel comfortable and at home, and you want ways to keep everyone busy and happy. Games, drinks, and music all help accomplish this.

Clear the Clutter

We all have clutter in our homes: that end table by the door where the mail and keys sit, the dog bed in the living room or that stand in the hallway where odds and ends accumulate. The best home entertainment events are informal and inviting. They invite people to mingle. For that, you’ll need some space. This means clearing out everything that’s in the way. Don’t get carried away, though. You don’t want a barren space that no longer feels inviting. Just create an informal common area by moving a few things. You can always them back the next day.

Arrange Furniture to Facilitate Conversation

Most houses have common furniture items such as a sofa, a love seat and some chairs. They’re usually placed around the living area to view a television set. Consider rearranging these pieces of furniture to promote a better flow of conversation among your guests. Discussion-optimized furniture is a cornerstone of hospitality. What does it mean to optimize your seating for discussion? This is where your pieces of furniture are arranged more or less in a circle. The configuration is intended to have people face one another and share their thoughts. This layout facilitates communication.

Let Guests Have a Voice

Themed parties are nice, but once your guests arrive, allow them to have a say in how they’re spending their time. If your guests want to play a game, let them. If they want to change the music, allow them to DJ. The idea is to entertain people, so if they have ideas on how to be entertained, listen to them.

There are countless reasons you may want to entertain guests at your home. Parties can be fun, social activities that can help you maintain relationships with your friends and family. Regardless of the event or the reason, allow these tips to help you pull off a great entertaining experience.

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