The US is flush with vibrant cities and strong communities designed to welcome families. Regardless if you are looking for access to quality healthcare, solid schools, outdoor recreational opportunities, or a strong job market, there is a city to fit all of your family’s needs and preferences. Here are four US metro areas that deliver the quality of life that you desire.

Boise, ID 

This remote city is quickly growing in population, thanks in large part to its low cost of living and welcoming vibe. Low crime rates and excellent schools make it attractive to families looking to put down their roots. Nestled into the scenic Rocky Mountains, Boise offers countless opportunities to get outside and connect with Mother Nature in an idyllic setting.

Seattle, WA 

A highly educated workforce and a booming local economy make the Seattle metropolitan area an ideal place to make a life. The Emerald City also boasts an abundance of stunning natural scenery. From towering mountains to the waters of the Puget Sound to the lush wooded areas, Seattle has earned its reputation as being one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The area also features a wide variety of high-quality healthcare options to complement its progressive lifestyle.

Atlanta, GA 

The Atlanta, Georgia area is the perfect balance of bustling city life and downhome living. This city mixes the amenities of living in a big city with the tight community feel of living in the South. A moderate climate makes it easy to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors most days of the year. If you have elderly parents living with or near you, the Atlanta area also boasts some of the best assisted living communities nationwide.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

This scenic coastal Florida city is a true tropical paradise. Residents of Fort Lauderdale enjoy endless sunshine, warm winters, and the proximity of living right on the Atlantic Ocean. The city is known for its relatively low cost of living and affordable housing. Its close proximity to Miami gives you access to a host of professional sporting events while the diverse population is representative of the melting pot of America.

All four of these cities deliver a host of amenities and elements that are beneficial when looking for a place to raise your family. With the right research, you can find the best city to match the personality of your family.

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