In the wide world of celebrities, there are a ton of famous people who are animal lovers. Some are activists, some are vegetarians/vegans, and some are saving the world one rescue dog at a time. Whatever the case may be, it is always nice to find out that a well-loved celebrity is a lover of adorable animals, too.

Here are four famous people you never knew were animal lovers.

#1: Simon Cowell

Who knew that the tough-love judge on television was an animal lover? Working closely with the animal rights group, PETA, Cowell speaks out against animal cruelty. He raises awareness for everything from the fur trading industry to animals being left in hot cars. Simon Cowell can often be seen cuddling his own pups. He has even admitted to letting them hop in the shower with him every once in a while. Now that is love!

#2: Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres is a lover of all – humans and animals alike. While she is most notably known for her humanitarian and charity work, she is also a huge animal lover and advocate. She is a vegan because of the animals and most recently has taken on her first initiative of the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. Her goal is to build a conservation home in Rwanda for gorillas. Go Ellen!

#3: Ricky Gervais

Known for being quite crass in general, Ricky Gervais has no problem calling out animal cruelty and being a voice for those without one. The actor and comedian is almost exclusively using his fame on Twitter to speak out against animal cruelty, from poaching to cosmetics testing.

#4 Toby Scammell

This Australian CEO and serial entrepreneur is known for his commitment to small business, and helping them thrive in our new digital world. He’s also quite the animal-lover and globetrotter. His current company, is named after his childhood pet wombat – Wombly. He currently owns an adorable pet pig name Clementine, and she just recently gave birth to some piglets too! We’re very happy for her.  

#5: Kristen Bell

Favorite funny actress, Kristen Bell, is even more lovable knowing that she is a crazy animal lover. Named the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA back in 2006, she has now gone entirely vegan and uses her voice to spread awareness for a wide variety of animals. If that isn’t enough, be sure to check out this video of Kristen Bell meeting her favorite animal, a sloth, for the very first time. That video alone is enough to prove that Bell is just as big of an animal lover as all of us.

It’s lovely to hear when celebrities are using their fame and fortune to advocate for animals. There is nothing better than a famous person who puts compassion and adorable animals first. If you want to know more about what other issues celebrities may be advocating for, check out this article here and explore the other news articles we have!