Once the colder weather of autumn rolls in, you’re only a few months away from being stuck inside the house due to blizzards and icy roads. You are going to want your home to be as comfortable as possible when you are stuck inside for long periods of time. To get your home ready for the long winter and crazy weather ahead, begin preparing it now during the more comfortable fall months. Below, you will find seven easy home care tips for the fall.

1. Lawn Care

The autumn season is the best time of the year to give your lawn the attention and restorative care it needs to recover from a busy and dry summer season. One of the first treatments your yard will need is a scarifying. This is the act of using a rake on your lawn to remove excess debris and dry grass to allow optimal water and fertilizer absorption.

Overseeding is also a popular lawn care treatment performed during the fall. Overseeding is the process of planting grass seeds in bare spots on your lawn or in other areas where the grass needs to be thicker. This process is done without disturbing or tearing up the soil and existing layer of grass. Zing recommends that the prime time to overseed cool-season grasses is late summer to early fall.

2. Shampoo Your Carpets

Dust, dirt, and stains are inevitable issues that will plague the carpeted rooms of your home. Carpets also have a nasty habit of locking in pungent odors that can accumulate over time and create a stale, unpleasant smell in your house during the winter when there’s reduced access to a flow of fresh air. Fall is the best time to get your carpets shampooed so that your house will smell fresh and pleasant for the coming winter. Getting all of the excess dust and dirt cleaned from your carpets will help to alleviate the symptoms of any dust allergies you may have.

3. Prepare Your Roof

During the summer, your roof has the critical job of protecting your home from various natural threats and falling debris. This debris will succumb to the slant of your roof and end up inside of your gutters. It’s a wise idea to clean your gutters during the fall before the winter season approaches. Snow and ice will accumulate in your gutters—turning clusters of debris into heavy blocks of ice. Over time, this can prove to be too heavy for your gutters and cause damage to your roof or even pull your gutters off of your house.

As you clean the gutters, you should also take the opportunity to inspect your roof for damage. It’s better to prevent roofing hazards now before winter weather hits.If you have an attic, then you will want to pay special attention to the venting. Incorrect venting or damaged vent pipes increases the risk of ice dams forming on your roof during the winter months. It can also cause moisture to build up and cause water damage. If you notice damage now, you can make necessary repairs and add a standing seam roof vent before winter hits your home in full force.

4. Change Your Furnace Filter

Fall is a delightful transitional season. It eases the harsh heat of summer and prepares you for the frigid temperatures of the long winter months. Treat the fall season as a reminder that your heating system will need your attention before you need to turn it on for the first time since last winter. Your heater will require some light maintenance to ensure it’s in proper working order.

You can start this maintenance by changing the filter in your furnace. These filters help keep dust and particulates from being blown into your home and degrading the air quality. Air Ductors also recommends that you clean the vents, furnace ducts, and the blower among getting just a general inspection of your fans.

5. Deep Clean The Refrigerator

The fall season is the precursor to several family holidays occurring within a very short span of time. To prepare your home for the large feasts that will be cooked and stored in your kitchen, give your refrigerator a deep cleaning. Remove the food inside, wash down the doors, under the vegetable crisper drawers, against the back of the fridge, and wipe down each shelf. You may also want to have a vacuum on hand to clean the surrounding area. Taking these steps now will set you up nicely for all the cooking and meals to come during the holiday season.

6. Prepare Your Pipes

Adding foam insulation around the pipes going into your home is a vital weekend project to schedule during the fall. Do It Yourself has a nice guide on how to do so. When winter hits and the temperature drops, your outside pipes will be susceptible to freezing which can cause them to crack or rupture and interrupt the flow of water into your home. Taking some time to install pipe insulation properly can save you hundreds of dollars in damages and repairs from a cracked water pipe.

7. Wash The Windows

Once the snow and ice come, it will be impossible for you to give your windows the proper washing they require. It is best to do this in the fall so that your windows are clear and clean for the coming holiday seasons. This also helps any weatherization treatments you apply on or around your windows to work more efficiently as they will be able to adhere better to the windows.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re washing your refrigerator or cleaning out your gutters, it is vital to your health and longevity that you follow safety protocols while you’re performing your fall cleaning tasks. But if you use the correct safety precautions moving forward, you’ll be glad that you did these key home care tips this fall!

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