Your collection of precious gemstones and metals can be priceless regardless of the amount of money that you paid for them. If you have a particularly beloved set of jewelry, you might have wondered what the best way to keep it secure is. After all, thieves keep an eye out for people wearing expensive jewelry and make them targets.  No one wants to come home to a vandalized house and find that all their precious valuables have been taken.

Your jewelry is more than an accessory or something that you wear on a special occasion. You have spent plenty of money on each piece, so they should be considered an investment. Like any investment, you must take steps to keep it safe.

Making Them Work for It

There are many ways to outsmart burglars, so they leave your home empty-handed. If you place valuables in areas that are too time-consuming for a thief to rummage through, chances are your items will remain safe. According to InterNachi, “Depending on the size and type of item, the best places to hide valuables are those that burglars don’t want to search through or wouldn’t bother with, including places that are inconvenient or difficult to search, messy, or uninteresting.”

Many people place their valuables in the bottom of garbage bins in bathrooms and kitchens to keep them safe (just be sure not to chuck out the jewelry with the garbage). Your houseplant can act as a secure place, as can any hollowed panels, window sills, and cabinet doors. Chances are a thief will not look inside vacuum cleaners, in curtain hems, or bed knobs for valuables in your home.

There are many places to hide jewelry around your home that thieves won’t bother to check because it is too much effort and too unlikely to yield the reward they want.

Hiding Valuables in Unlikely Places

If you want to keep your valuables safe, you need to find secure places to hide them in your home. Security Choice explains that “securing your valuables can be as simple as moving them to an unexpected place”. When you hide your jewelry in unexpected areas around your home, a burglar cannot find them.  

Thieves already have an idea of where most people keep valuables in their home, and they will look in the most likely places first in the hopes of scoring easy money. These common hiding places may include inside a safe, under the mattress, in your closet, at the back of a dresser drawer, or in a medicine cabinet. They may also hunt for jewelry in your vases, suitcases, or freezer.

You must make it your priority to find new areas that they will not think of. For example, most criminals are not interested in stealing books, so hiding your jewelry on a bookshelf is a good idea. If you have a large VHS tape collection, place your valuables inside to deter thieves. The empty containers on your shelves in the kitchen or bathroom are good hiding places too. You can use cat litter boxes, personal hygiene products, and inconspicuous bottles to hide valuables.

Securing Your Valuables

One of the most important steps you can take in securing your jewelry (and any other valuables) is to place security cameras in your home. These cameras record all the activity that happens around your home. They can be placed on the inside and outside of your property and record at different angles.

Once you have them installed, your property will be under 24-hour surveillance. The activity is recorded 24 hours 7 days a week and can be viewed on your television. Studies show that the presence of surveillance systems will intimidate opportunistic criminals. Even if a thief does decide to break into your home, the cameras will record the activity. Cameras provide proof of the incident to insurance companies and useful evidence for police. Hopefully, the footage will help police catch the criminal.

You should take all of the necessary precautions to protect the valuables in your home. Making your home an intimidating target is the first step, and securing the valuables inside is the second. When you protect yourself against theft, you are making sure your entire home is safeguarded from any type of criminal activity.