Yes, it’s still winter, but Spring is coming, and fast. Early seeds get ready to sprout in January and February. If you want to have a lovely spring and summer garden this year, it’s time to prepare. A little bit of extra work, now, will make it much easier later on. Here are some great options for preparing ahead.

Choose What You Want to Grow

The first step is obvious: you have to know what you want to grow in order to begin to be ready to grow it. Seed catalogs, whether online or in the mail, are a great option to begin searching out what you want to plant, and when. They will have the information for which zone is central to your region, and what grows best within that zone. It’s possible more than ever before to have many varieties of garden plants, and not need to rely solely upon gardening centers nearby. You can often find more varieties when you buy seeds online.

Prep Your Garden

In order to plant the seeds you’ve found, you will need to sprout them indoors. Different seeds sprout at differing rates. A small tabletop greenhouse is a great place to begin their new lives. There are lots of options for different ways to sprout seeds inside, and many are inexpensive. Sprouting seeds indoors gives them a greater head start on life and makes it so they’re stronger when transplanted outdoors.

Ready Your Space

Before you plant your sprouts into the ground, however, you’re definitely going to need to prepare ahead: you need dirt. What kind you need, how deep your sprouts need planting, and how much water they will need all depend upon what individual types of plants you’re interested in growing. However, container gardening is useful in almost all spaces, and can be readily adaptable to many different plants and regions. Your specific garden will benefit from close reading of the backs of seed packets, and asking questions of local gardeners.

Regardless of what you plan on growing, learning how to grow plants is a very fulfilling thing to do. Gardening is proven to help lower blood pressure, and also promote a sense of well-being. Recent research has shown that the scent of soil, produced by microorganisms, can actually offset depression! There’s never been a better time to get your hands into the soil, and start growing beautiful things!

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