Essential oils are growing rapidly in popularity, and people claim they do incredible things for them. With any newly popular treatment or medicine people will always question whether it can be trusted or not, so that brings the question: Do essential oils actually do anything? Here are some answers to that important question.

Oils Are Made of Interesting Components

There are many different kinds of essential oils based on what they are made of. The key component of any essential oil will determine the effect it has on the body or mind. Some of these are intuitive, like chamomile essential oil relaxing the body and mind. Others are less obvious, such as lemon oil, which is used to improve digestion and circulation, or peppermint oil, which is used to improve focus and mood. These components have incredible and varied effects, both on the body and the mind.

Our Bodies Can Recognize Oils

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to have an effect on our bodies. Roseman University’s study on doTERRA oils shows our cells can recognize the oils themselves, not just the individual components, in something they call the “Oil Effect”. This means the oils are absorbed and used by the body as a whole, and so do not need to be broken down. The body has a natural response to the essential oils that it wouldn’t have with artificial chemicals. This science shows that essential oils have an effect on the body on a cellular level.

People Keep Using Them

In addition to Roseman University, essential oils do have science to back them up. Economically, the proof is that people are using them, and they continue to use them. The benefits of essential oils are documented, and if someone found they didn’t work they would not go out and buy more. Essential oils are growing in popularity and have been ever since they first become well known. In addition, while essential oils are finding new customers daily, they are also successful with repeat customers. For those who are swayed more by reviews and recommendations than science, the knowledge that people are choosing to use them and finding that they work and continue to work can be very helpful.

Using essential oils is an ancient solution that has been recently rediscovered in the modern world. The science to prove their effectiveness is new and we are still learning about them. The more we learn, the more confidence we gain in them.

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