Decluttering should be a one-time project unless you add additional tools or supplies to your garage. Unfortunately, if space is very tight, you may find yourself decluttering every time you try to find something in your garage. Here are some easy ways you can organize your small garage and keep it maintained.

Time to Declutter

How many of the items in your garage do you really use, and how many do you hang onto because you spent a lot of money on them, got them as a gift or inherited them from someone you cared about? Your garage can rapidly turn into an unusable collection of bits of hardware and odd tools that should be in a case somewhere. Decluttering your garage means getting rid of what you don’t need and storing the items you want to keep in such a way that you can easily locate them. Decluttering helps you stay organized and creates more storage space in your one-car garage. You can get rid of your items by selling, donating, or throwing unwanted items away.


The simplest way to store your tools so you can find them is to hang them on a pegboard. You can create custom “labels” by tracing around them with a marker. Another option is to put things in clearly labeled plastic bins. Avoid crates as small items will fall out and avoid cardboard as it can become a home to rodents or bugs. Invest in shelving that will tolerate the weight of your current tools and if you have solvents in your garage for woodworking, invest in a metal cabinet.

When Have You De-Cluttered Enough?

You should be able to clean your garage by circling it clockwise to put things away, then counterclockwise to clean. Make sure everything has an assigned spot on the first path and put it where it belongs. This means hanging things up, putting tools in drawers, or putting bins back on the shelf on the clockwise trip around the room. When that’s done, use a whisk broom or damp towel to circle the room counterclockwise and brush or dust off flat surfaces. Obviously, you don’t need to get to white-glove clean, but sweeping up sawdust and other grime is a great way to keep your garage looking and feeling tidy.

Getting your garage decluttered and clean can make your home life a lot easier. You can easily find the tools you need for projects, reducing the urge to run out and buy another. When you’re finished with the project, put everything back that day!

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