Driving in New York is already a challenge with all the traffic and pedestrians. However, adding in the challenges accompanying winter can make it even more difficult. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to avoid any damage to your car this winter.

Drive Slowly in Poor Conditions

Whether it’s rainy or snowy, you should drive slowly in poor weather. Driving slowly keeps you safer for several reasons. First of all, poor weather can lead to more accidents and unexpected occurrences. Driving slowly gives you more time to react to these situations. Your decisions can be more thoughtful and based less on instinct. Poor weather conditions also cause the roads themselves to be more treacherous. Your car is more likely to slip or hydroplane if you drive to fast. Slowing down allows you more control and helps you avoid any accidents due to the weather conditions.

Watch for Potholes

Not all roads are in perfect condition and it’s likely you’ll face potholes as you drive. Potholes are very common in the winter because they are formed when water in cracks in the road freezes and then expands the cracks. It’s a cycle that continues until these potholes become very large. Potholes on the road can end up causing serious damage to cars. It can damage your wheels and tires as well as the engine, suspension, and more. You need to keep an eye out for potholes. If you’re approaching one, try your best to swerve around it. If that isn’t an option, slow down as much as possible as you go over it.

Prepare Your Car

One of the best ways to avoid damage, is to prepare your car before winter hits. Start by having your car checked. Doing so can help you make sure you are equipped to handle the heavy weather conditions and avoid accidents. Some important things to have checked over are your brakes, lights, engine, battery and windshield wiper. Another important way to prepare is to change your tires. Winter tires can give your vehicle an edge. At the very least, get new tires. If your tires are too worn down, they won’t have enough traction to handle the winter weather.

Wintertime creates many obstacles when driving and the chances of accidents or sustaining damage to your car are higher. Make sure you take some time to prepare for the winter and make yourself aware of safe driving practices. It’s always better to take preventative measures.