If you have ever had a taste of local craft beer, the watery concoction sold in supermarket coolers will no longer satisfy. Craft beer, brewed in local craft breweries, are often more flavorful, nutritious, and contain better quality ingredients. Moreover, since each local region specializes in their own local brews, searching for local breweries can be an exciting challenge. Here are several tips for when you are scouting your local area for the perfect drink.

Ask Around

One of the best ways to find local craft brew is to ask around. Find people in your social network who make their own craft beer or are otherwise connoisseurs of craft beer. From your local liquor store to local pubs, you can find owners and customers who have their own idea of who provides the best craft beer in town and are willing to share their thoughts. 

Read Online Reviews

From Facebook to Yelp to Google Local Business, there are many online places to find customer reviews on local venues for delicious craft beer. Facebook recently replaced their reviews utility with a tool that asks your local network for recommendations. When searching for reviews, make sure you check the actual review in addition to the overall rating. Craft beer is a deeply personal experience and a single rating may not reflect the actual quality and flavor of the brew. Aroma and taste are subjective qualifiers and preference differs vastly from person to person. 

Use an App

Although no craft brew app is without fault, apps are probably one of the most convenient places to search for reviews since they give you quick access to others’ experiences. Here are a couple of the top apps to use on your search:

Untapped — Untapped is an app that allows users to sort through craft breweries, reviews, menus, and seasonal specials. Available for both Android and iOS, Untapped is one of the most widely used mobile resources when it comes to finding local craft beer bars.

Barly — Barly is an app that allows users to receive recommendations on craft brew options based on your preferences and previous ratings. Available for both Android and iOS, Barly can help users sort through a long menu to find options that you are most likely to enjoy.

Local Classes and Tastings

Craft brew tastings and classes can be a fun way to learn about your region’s local craft brews. The only way to learn about the local craft beers is to sample the local craft beer and learn its history. Your community may have breweries that host local classes and tastings. You can find more events by searching through Facebook’s local filter. Tastings are perhaps the best way to introduce yourself to the local craft brew crowd. 

Try and Try Again

In the end, to experience local brews, you’ve got to drink them yourself. So why not just give some craft brews a try and see if you like them? Local pubs can give you better recommendations after learning about your preferences. Sometimes trial and error is the most exciting way to go and can lead to unexpected finds.

Because each local region tends to specialize in a unique taste, you’ll get a unique sampling of taste if you are willing to travel a bit in search of unique brews. From coffee to fruit to nuts, there is no ending of complex flavors in each brew you taste. Finding the perfect craft beer in your area may take a bit of research, but tasting the unique flavor of each region can be worth it.