During the wintertime it’s common to be using a lot of energy. If you want to reduce your home’s energy waste you can conduct an energy audit, improve insulation, and unplug. This will help you to save money and reduce your energy usage.

Conduct an Energy Audit

If you are looking to reduce your home’s energy waste, an energy audit helps you understand where your home is losing the most energy. Once you’ve had the audit, you can work towards improving those areas so that you’re not losing as much energy. An auditor will close all doors and windows and insert a blower to test for air leakage. They will also use an infrared camera to find the leaks and identify ways to improve energy efficiency. Scheduling an energy audit will help you fully understand where you’re losing energy without just guessing.

Improve Insulation

If you want to reduce your home’s energy waste, you should consider investing in your insulation. If you improve home insulation, you won’t be spending as much on heating and will save energy. Attic insulation is a good way to keep your house warm. Adding insulation in the attic will help you to cut heat loss and save energy. You should check with your local building department to find the level of insulation recommended for your area. If your attic is below the minimum, adding some will help you to reduce your home’s energy waste.


When you’re not using things, you should be unplugging them. There are so many electronics in your home that will be continually using energy when they’re plugged in, even though they’re switched off, they are still using electricity. Things like your hair dryer or flatiron need to be unplugged if you want to save energy. You should also make sure your TV is switched off and not just put on standby. If you’re not using your electronics, you should unplug them. This will save energy all year, not just winter, and will save you money at the same time. You could also invest in smart plugs. These will allow you to turn off the current to an appliance from your smartphone.

Winter can be a great time of year, but you might be using too much energy. If you are looking to reduce your home’s energy waste in the winter, you should try conducting an energy audit, improving insulation, and unplugging. This will help you to use less energy and save some money.