Learning how to maximize the storage of your home can help you decrease clutter and be more productive every day. The more storage you have, the better, but each storage space has its own challenges and benefits. Understanding how to best use each storage space in your home can help you make good decisions and simplify your day to day life.

Attic Storage

Attics can be a great place for storage and help you get some clutter out of the living spaces in your home, however, if your attic is difficult to access, you shouldn’t use it to store items that you might use more often. If you plan to use your attic for storing items that you need fairly regularly, it may be worthwhile to make it more accessible by installing a pull-down staircase and opening up your attic space as much as possible. Before storing anything in your attic, make sure to check it out for safety and take care of any safety issues.

Basement Storage

Basement storage can be a helpful tool for keeping storage items cool and safe. Basements are especially great for food storage as their consistent cool temperature can prevent spoiling and extend the life of your food.

One problem with basements, however, is the potential for water damage. Waterproofing can help protect your valuables from flooding in your basement. Make sure to protect your basement by cleaning out gutters, landscaping correctly for your area and investing in window well covers. This will protect your valuables in storage and keep things safe and dry.

Closets and Cabinet Space

Closet and cabinet spaces are often taken for granted, but by using it carefully you can make the most of whatever space you have. These spaces are best for storage items that you use more frequently and need ready access to.

By building in extra organization tools in your closet, like rods and shelving, you can make your closet more usable and make the items more accessible. Try placing the items you use the most in easier to reach places, while less frequently used items can go on higher and lower shelves and in the back corners of your space.

Taking advantage of the storage space in your home will help you create a space that is easier to use and free from clutter. Whatever storage spaces you have, you can find ways to maximize their space and make the most of your home’s storage options.

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