Located within The Woodlands-Sugarland geographical area, just about 40 miles south of Houston, is Angleton, the county seat of Brazoria County. Other cities in the county include Pearland, Freeport, Alvin, Iowa Colony and Clute. There are many things that families should know before moving to Brazoria County.


Brazosport College is the only four-year college in Brazoria County. Alvin Community College also serves the county. Eight school districts are located within the county, and each has a diversified student body. Alvin Independent School District has more than 26,000 students. Serving over 18,000 students, Pearland Independent School District is one of the largest school districts in the county. Other schools within the county include Angleton Independent School District, with over 6,000 students, Brazosport Independent School District, with over 12,000 students, Columbia-Brazoria Independent School District, and Danbury Independent School District, with over 3,000 students each, and Sweeny Independent School District, with 2,000 students. Damon Independent School District serves about 200 students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Crime Rate

Property-related crimes make up for 44.6% of crime in Brazoria County, the largest percentage for any category. Violent crimes seldom occur in the county, which makes this one of the safest places to live in the United States. In particular, many find that Brookside Village, located on either side of South Sam Houston Freeway about midway between Gulf Freeway and South Freeway, has a crime rate that is 66% lower than the national average. Another very safe area to live in Brazoria County is Richwood, Texas. This safe neighborhood is located just northeast of Angleton, and the crime rate there is 67% lower than the national average.


The number of available jobs in Brazoria County, Texas, is expected to far outdistance the national United States average over the next decade. The fastest-growing job market is for jobs paying between $100,000 and $150,000 annually. The Dow Chemical plant in Freeport is the county’s largest employer, with over 3,000 people working there. Olin Chemical also employees over 1,200 people, while BASF Corporation employees almost 1,000 people. There are many reasons that families will love Brazoria County. You can find outstanding schools, excellent employment opportunities, and a low crime rate. It is always wise to plan a trip to explore an area first hand before making a move, so make your plans now and visit Brazoria County.